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Dye or Pigment ? How To ChooseThe Ink For Inkjet Printer?

Date of Issue:2022-06-20

Photos will fade after half a year?

My friends who like to print photos with color ink jet printers must have a deep understanding of this. Especially for photos that have been exposed to the air for a long time, the fading will be more obvious, while the photos collected in the photo album can keep bright color for a long time. Why?

In fact, this is due to the nature of inkjet printer ink. At present, there are two common inkjet printer inks, namely dye ink and pigment ink.

Dye ink: composed of specific molecules, the colorant of dye ink is soluble in water. At the same time, due to the simple production process of dye ink and low cost, some compatible consumables manufacturers will use black dye ink.

Pigment ink: compared with dye ink, the colorant of pigment ink is insoluble in water or pigment, and can be suspended in water with the help of dispersant. It is an opaque liquid. Pigment inks are more durable, waterproof, fade resistant and last longer.

The difference between the two

1) Waterproof performance

In fact, as mentioned above, dye ink is easily soluble in water and other chemical reagents, so it is not easy to block the printer nozzle, and the printing is smooth. However, the water-proof performance is general, and it is easy to melt after being exposed to water. Most of the pigment inks use special polymer adhesives, so that the pigment has strong adhesion, and the print head is stable and not blocked. When the ink is dry, a protective film will be formed on the surface of the pigment, which plays an effective role in waterproof.

2) Fade resistance

As the colorant of the dye ink is directly exposed to the air, the chemical chain of the colorant may break under the action of light and oxygen, resulting in discoloration. The manuscript printed for a long time will fade, which is not conducive to long-term preservation. The colorant of pigment ink is a highly crushed mineral with high stability. The outer layer of colorant is wrapped with a resin layer to avoid contact with air and reduce the possibility of chemical chain fracture. Therefore, it is not easy to fade.

How to select?

1) In terms of water resistance and fade resistance, pigment ink has more advantages, but in terms of bright colors and smooth printing, dye ink is better and cheaper.

2) In addition, if documents need to be stored for a long time, pigment ink is the most appropriate. If they are used once, dye ink with low cost and good color is a good choice.


Generally speaking, the black ink used by most consumer printers at present is pigment ink. The printed content is waterproof and can be stored for a long time. The color ink uses dye ink, which is more economical to print photos.

In order to ensure the long-term preservation of documents, ppts, etc., the inks used in some office inkjet printers are generally pigment inks.

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