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How to Keep the Color of Advertising Painting Picture Unchanged

Date of Issue:2022-06-20

An outdoor advertisement with rich colors, perfect expression of advertising content and images, and the designer's unique and wonderful idea and theme is a beautiful and personalized landscape in life. For the display of outdoor advertising pictures in the outdoor environment, different outdoor display forms, different climatic environments in spring, summer, autumn and winter, sunshine, rain, sand and dust and other factors, how can we keep the color of outdoor advertising spray painting pictures unchanged and durable? Among them, the following factors summarized by jinyida are very worthy of the attention of advertisers.

1、 Use high-performance inkjet printer to print ink with good outdoor compatibility;

Nowadays, the large format inkjet printing equipment is developing very fast, and the technology is changing with each passing day. Various multi-functional and multi-application high-performance inkjet machines are also being launched into the market. Using high-performance outdoor inkjet printer for inkjet printing, you can quickly and smoothly complete large format advertising inkjet pictures. At the same time, it can ensure better picture color printing, high color reduction, and better compatibility between outdoor media and ink.

2、 Select high-quality outdoor inkjet printing media;

Correctly select the high-quality printing media of outdoor inkjet printer. For example, in the use of outdoor inkjet cloth, select the inkjet cloth with good tensioning performance. If the strength of the silk in the inkjet cloth is not enough and the weaving structure is not good, the outer surface of the cloth may also be damaged, torn or deformed under the combined action of wind and sand or other external factors. The color on the spray-painted cloth may also be easy to peel off from the base cloth, and the color of the outdoor spray-painted advertising picture cannot be kept durable.

3、 Pay attention to the influence of different outdoor environment and natural factors on the color of advertising pictures;

Beautiful spray painting products are easy to be damaged by factors such as sun and rain. How to make beautiful spray painting products not easy to be damaged by sun and rain? Attention shall be paid to temperature difference prevention, ultraviolet protection, rain and sand, dust and environmental pollution prevention, and man-made graffiti and damage prevention. For these factors, we should pay attention to the protection for outdoor advertising display. For example, in the temperature difference prevention operation, if the image is in the temperature environment of 100 ℃ or 0 ℃ for too long, pay special attention to the processing. If the temperature is too low, the image will crack. If the temperature is too hot, the film covering of the image will fall off or soften, making the image unclear. For the operation of anti ultraviolet and rain, film covering or over gluing can be used. The chemical agent or ultraviolet absorbent on the film can prolong the service life of the image several times, and the color of the image can be more durable and not easy to fade.

The color of the spray painting picture is durable. Protection should be the main factor. The use of high-performance spray painting machine printing equipment and high-quality outdoor ink can provide a prerequisite for the use of outdoor advertising image color.

Problems caused by painting equipment: painting equipment is generally divided into indoor and outdoor machines. The printing width of indoor machine is generally less than 2 meters, and that of outdoor machine is generally more than 2 meters. This is a relatively general division. At present, there is a phenomenon of two levels of quality differentiation in the market. The pressure of cost and competition leads to the uneven quality of some brand inkjet machines, which is mainly reflected in the unstable performance of the inkjet machines or the Jerry built configuration, which will directly affect the printing quality of the equipment.

Problems caused by painting consumables:

Inkjet consumables are divided into inkjet ink and inkjet medium. Only when the ink-jet cloth is matched with the ink-jet can we get high-quality ink-jet pictures, which is particularly obvious in the production of weak solvent ink-jet. Inkjet media are divided into external lighting and internal lighting. The varieties include spray-painted cloth, light box cloth, back glue film, film, light film, photo paper, etc. Due to the wide variety of related media involved, the effect and price are also different. The impact of the quality of inkjet consumables on the quality of inkjet is obvious to all advertising peers. Poor quality consumables will not only affect the printing quality, but even cause damage to the inkjet equipment and nozzle.

Problems caused by operation level: the level of operation technology, whether in the early stage of color correction printing or in the later stage of connection processing, can affect the final effect of inkjet painting. Inkjet companies should constantly carry out targeted technical post training for employees, so that inkjet work can better meet the various needs of customers. Generally speaking, skilled employees can call out more abundant colors in a limited range of colors to catch up with more accurate color values. This will undoubtedly provide the most powerful technical support for us to create more colorful and creative outdoor advertisements. Therefore, we emphasize that when printing quality problems occur, the importance of the technical level and experience of operators is directly reflected.

After finding the core problem that determines the quality of inkjet painting, we can apply the remedy to the case and solve it in all links, so that the quality of inkjet painting will have a basic guarantee.

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