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Ink Tube

  • Plastic Tubing Connectors

    Plastic Tubing Connectors

    This is damper connector for some printer dampers,the function is to adjust the size of ink tube and smoothly install the ink tube,or make ink pipe accommodate with the ink damper interface, Screws make the ink pipe more tightly connected,we have a several types damper...

  • Plastic Tube Reducer Connectors

    Plastic Tube Reducer Connectors

    We have all kinds of ink tube connector, Used to adjust the diameter of the ink pipe to allow the ink to pass through the ink pipe, Make the machine run smoothly, Our plastic tube reducer connectors come in many sizes,sunch as Y type,T type,F type,L type and so on,you can...

  • Printer Solvent Ink Tubing

    Printer Solvent Ink Tubing

    LETOP solvent ink tube for all kinds of large outdoor and indoor inkjet printer machine, printer spare parts with many sizes. From 2*1mm to 8*6mm.

  • Eco Solvent Ciss Tubes

    Eco Solvent Ciss Tubes

    Used for zhongye infiniti phaeton allwin JHF west ect solvent printing machine plastic ink tube, Corrosion-resistant eco solvent ciss tubes.

  • Line Solvent Ink Tube

    Line Solvent Ink Tube

    Product Name:line solvent ink Tube
    Model:eight lines

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