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Types of UV Flated Printer Coatings and Coating Methods

Date of Issue:2022-06-20

Although the UV flat-panel printer can print patterns on almost any plane material, due to the characteristics of the surface of different materials, high density, adhesion, flexibility and other performance differences of UV ink, the ink and some materials are prone to peeling off, which requires the use of special coatings to solve this problem.

Types of UV flat-panel printer coatings commonly used in the market at present:

1. UV flat panel printer glass and ceramic tile coating:

It is applicable to plexiglass, tempered glass, glazed ceramic tile, crystal and other glass materials that need special treatment. At present, there are two types: quick drying coating and baking. The former can be put into the UV flat printer to print the pattern after wiping, and the latter needs to be put into the oven to bake for 20-30 minutes after spraying with the spray gun. The temperature is controlled between 80-120 degrees, and then print the pattern after taking it out.

2. Pppcpe coating for UV flat panel printer

Some hard PP materials usually have poor adhesion! Some PP materials print directly without coating! Generally, this type of material is not easy to blend into the ink, because the density is relatively high, and the PP coating needs to be wiped. This type of coating is usually hand rubbed and immediately dried. After wiping with a dust-free cloth, it can be printed on the UV flat printer.

3. Metal coating for UV flat panel printer

Metal coating: suitable for aluminum, copper plate, tinplate, aluminum alloy and other materials. There are also two kinds of oven baking and hand wiping. The method is the same as that of ceramic tile glass coating. The effect of hand wiping is not as good as that of baking. Another advantage of metal coating is that it can be used on melamine board, and the effect will be much better than melamine coating (this is the secret that people who read my article will know).

4. UV flat panel printer leather coating

It is suitable for leather, PVC, PU, etc. after spraying on the surface of leather, it can be dried naturally. Leather coating is mainly suitable for water-based or weak solvent inks. At present, only leather is suitable for UV lithography. At present, most of them are hand rubbed.

5. UV flat panel printer ABS coating

It is applicable to wood, PVC, ABS, gypsum, thickened kraft paper, acrylic, PS PVC and other material surfaces. After wiping the coating, it can be printed. At present, ABS coating is hardly used for UV flat panel printing. Only imported acrylic may be used. There is no problem with the rest. It is hand rubbed.

6. Silica gel coating for UV flat panel printer

Suitable for silicone, rubber material. If the surface activity is poor, flame treatment is required, otherwise the adhesion is not enough. Flame treatment is based on experience. The surface cannot be sprayed too thick, otherwise it is not easy to dry. This silica gel treatment method is quite special. If many factories cannot use open fire, corona method can be used to directly damage the molecular structure of the material surface. So as to achieve the effect;

usage method:

1. The mixing agent required for the coating has a fixed proportion and mixing skills, which should be carried out in accordance with the instructions;

2. Once it is found that the coating has a chemical reaction with UV ink, such as dissolution and foaming, it is necessary to replace the coating with a better compatibility;

3. The irritating smell of the coating is generally large. Masks and disposable gloves can be used during operation;

4. Different materials have different coating types. Do not use one coating to adapt to other materials.

Preservation of coating:

1. Place in a cool and backlit place;

2. After use, tighten the bottle cap in time;

3. Do not press other materials on it;

4. Do not put the coating solution on the ground, but on the shelf.

Usually, when users purchase UV flat-panel printers, manufacturers will provide supporting process schemes such as coating, mold or varnish according to the product characteristics of users. Because the current process of UV flat-panel printer has been very mature without too many problems.


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